Our Courses Everything You Need To Know


We offer Montessori training at different levels and by different of modes of study, designed to ensure flexibility in meeting your needs as a student. 


 Learning about Montessori philosophy

The philosophical principles underpinning the Montessori approach are carefully outlined to you, and your study is enhanced by assignments encouraging you to read further and undertake individual research into the various topics presented.

Presenting written work

Conventions for citing sources are taught at the outset, and then adhered to throughout the course. Support is given to you with regard to the written formats in which work is to be presented, for example you will gradually develop and improve your essay writing techniques. Assignments relating to the topics covered are set, to encourage you to develop an understanding of the Montessori principles in the context of currrent good practice.

Handling the materials

All the Montessori materials relevant to a particular course are carefully demonstrated and there is plenty of opportunity for supervised practice. We  expect you to practise on your own as well, so that you will be confident and proficient at presenting the Montessori learning materials to the children with whom you will be working.

Learning to observe

We focus strongly on teaching observation techniques, so that you are well equipped to make the most of the observational visits you carry out, and so you get maximum benefit from your teaching practice placement.

Teaching practice

All courses involve an element of teaching practice. Typically students arrange their teaching practice placement themselves with a local Montessori school or early years setting, in consultation with their course tutor. Montessori Education (UK) accredited schools are preferred locations, to ensure that you have experience of working in a top quality Montessori setting with exemplary practice.

Understanding classroom management

All Montessori Partnership courses focus strongly on how a Montessori classroom is managed, and on the role played by the individual class teacher. This is examined both from the point of view of the Montessori understanding of the teacher’s role, and with regard to the contemporary requirements and responsibilities of the role.

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How we support your learning

We supply you with a course ring binder in which to assemble and organise all the paperwork and printouts you will collect during your course.

If you are studying by distance learning, you have your own personal tutor assigned to you, to be there to help you work through your course. If you are studying on a course taught face to face you can arrange to have one on one discussions with your tutor to help you overcome any difficulties you may be experiencing. All our tutors are friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable.

When you enrol on your chosen course you are sent a log-in to the relevant pages on the website where we are gradually building a resource base for you to access to support your particular course. Early years students can access videos or presentations of materials and we are gradually adding mini-lectures and power points as well.

You can also enjoy the support of fellow students as you interact with them in the closed FaceBook group which you are invited to join.

Courses to choose from

Level 3 Diploma in Montessori Classroom Practice Incorporating IAO Level 3 Diploma in Early Learning and Childcare (EYE) (For students in England and Wales)

 Level 4 Montessori Diploma in Early Years Education

Montessori Primary Teaching Diploma

Intensive Summer Classroom Practice Workshop (2 weeks duration) 

We also offer a Level 2 Montessori Classroom Assistant’s Certificate course. This is not available to individual applicants, though, but to professional Montessorians who wish to offer in-house training to unqualified or non-Montessori qualified staff.
 Paying for your course
You can pay the course fee in full, when you enrol, or you can pay by deposit and 16 monthly instalments. If you change your mind and want to cancel, you have 14 days from the date you signed your learning agreement to do so, and receive a full refund of any money you paid, less an administrative charge of £50.00. 

Delivery of your course materials

You will have immediate access to your student membership page as soon as you have completed the enrolment form and paid either your deposit or the course fee in full. This page contains all that you need to get started as well as information about your tutor or assessor as well as information about your workshops.

If you’re studying face to face you’ll get your course folder at the first session. Relevant hand-outs and resources are supplied throughout the course, sometimes as hard copies in class and sometimes electronically, in advance. 

Other things you’ll need

Definitely a computer and access to the internet!

Copies of the basic Montessori textbooks at the top of the reading list in the Full Course Information.

General stationery items, and for making materials: packs of card, long-bladed sharp scissors, coloured pencils, a Pritt stick and a long ruler.