Terms & Conditions of Enrolment


Teaching practice/work placement

It is your responsibility as a student to organise your work placement. Your work-placement must be undertaken at a setting that is officially registered with the relevant registering body for the country in which it is located. We will send you the relevant forms for you and your work-placement to complete to register you at that setting. It will be a requirement in England that you have been vetted by the Disclosure and Barring Service, or in Scotland by the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme, or the equivalent body in your own country, and this is something you will need to pay for, and get the setting to organise before you can start work. For more information go to https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/disclosure-and-barring-service (England) or https://www.disclosurescotland.co.uk/disclosureinformation/pvgscheme


Terms and Conditions of Enrolment 

  1. The Montessori Partnership requires students to submit all coursework as directed, attend course sessions and sit all examinations, and abide by the regulations given in the current edition of the Student Handbook.
  2. If your coursework is incomplete, of an unacceptable standard, or if you do not pass the final diploma or certificate examinations, a Certificate and/or Diploma will not be awarded. The Montessori Partnership undertakes to give you all necessary support to enable you to complete your chosen course successfully.
  3. In the event that you are struggling to complete your assignments to pass standard, even where additional tutorial support has been given, the Montessori Partnership may counsel you to defer completion of your course until after you have taken an additional course or courses to boost your study skills, for example, a written English course if you are having problems expressing yourself in written English. There is no penalty for deferral. You may also be counselled to withdraw from the course, in which case there will be no refund of course fees already paid, but no further requirement to pay any remaining balance.
  4. The Montessori Partnership reserves the right to require you to terminate a course at any time: if you do not fulfil the requirements of the course and are not responding positively to our efforts to support you to succeed; or where your conduct gives grounds for dismissal; or where your work consistently gives evidence of plagiarism.

In these situations there will be no refund of course fees already paid, and you will remain liable to pay the balance of the course fee.

  1. If course fees and/or examination fees are unpaid, or only partially paid, a Certificate and/or Diploma will not be awarded.
  2. Your date of enrolment is the date on which we receive your first payment. At this point your enrolment becomes a contract and you become bound by these terms and conditions.
  3. You have a 14 day cooling off period from this date when you can cancel your registration and any payment made will be refunded to you, less an administration change of £50.00. Once the cooling off period has expired you can decide to withdraw from the course, but no refunds of any payments made are normally given.
  4. Action will be taken to ensure payment is made of any outstanding fees, and any expenses incurred by the Montessori Partnership in this process, whether by means of a debt collection agency or through the courts, will be added to the outstanding bill, together with interest accumulated.
  5. Where you have applied for funding from the relevant local authority or other body, and the payment of all or part of the funding to the Montessori Partnership is dependent upon you completing the course, in the event that you choose not to complete the course you will reimburse the Montessori Partnership for the course fee that would have been covered by the funding you have forfeited.
  6. Courses are not transferable to other persons.
  7. The Montessori Partnership reserves the right to vary the published course schedule or curriculum components at any time should circumstances so dictate.
  8. Any course materials, whether written, diagrammatic, photographic, electronic or in any other format, and all associated documentation that are the intellectual property of The Montessori Partnership, and are made available to you as a registered student for your sole and exclusive use as you follow your chosen course of study may not be photocopied or reproduced in any way, nor disseminated to other people without the express prior written permission of The Montessori Partnership.
  9. The Complaints and Appeals Procedures detailed in the Student Handbook are to be followed in the event of any grievance arising.
  10. The Montessori Partnership safeguards the confidentiality of its students and associates in line with its Policy on Confidentiality, Data Protection and Whistleblowing. It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes which may be relevant to your study records.

I confirm that:

  • • I have read and understood the information about how the Montessori Partnership course that I am about to undertake is organised and delivered in the course prospectus and in the current edition of the Student Handbook;
  • • I have read and understand the terms and conditions relating to the delivery of this course as given above and agree to abide by them.
  • • I will only submit work for assessment that I have done entirely by myself or in response to feedback from my tutor or assessor and I will acknowledge and give full references for any sources I may use to support my own work. 
  • • Should I decide for any reason not to complete my course after the 14 day cooling off period I understand that no refund will be given of money already paid.
  • • I give permission for my personal and sensitive data to be used by the Montessori Partnership as outlined in their Policy on Confidentiality, Data Protection and Whistleblowing, and I undertake to comply with this policy.